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December 3rd, 2012
Port of Belledune launches new micro-site!
February 23rd, 2012
First Tenant at the Belledune Modular Fabrication Facility
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Come aboard!  The Port of Belledune offers shorter shipping routes between points in Europe and North America, security, integrity of cargo, and savings for shipping companies.

The Port of Belledune is a world class deep water facility with exceptional year round cargo handling capacity.  Situated on Chaleur Bay in northeastern New Brunswick, this Canada port is set snugly within the protected confines of a deep bay flowing into the Northumberland Strait.  It offers some of the shortest routes between strategic ports in Europe and a key inter-modal exchange point in North America.  Being a young port that includes a terminal developed less than 10 years ago, we offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment.

The main port infrastructure consists of three large terminals, wharf side outdoor storage adjacent to Terminal III,  its general cargo terminal.  It also offers climate controlled year-round warehousing situated metres from Terminal III and a 46 million litre (12.15 million US gallons) liquid bulk storage facility located on-site.

All terminals connect to highway and rail networks that span the continent, providing exceptional access to markets of over 20 million consumers within a single day’s haul of the port.

State-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure and certified ISO 9002 stevedores ensure the safe, efficient handling of all cargo including vehicles, shipping containers, consumables, ore concentrates, finished and unfinished forest products, and liquid cargo.  Translating into clear economic advantages for our clients, our Canada port offers highly competitive rates across the board.

The Port of Belledune is operated by a local port authority allowing it to make quick decisions based on sound business management principles.  Because we work with our clients in mind, we go the extra mile for you.  We are your ideal shipping point!
The Clear Benifits to the Port of Belledune's Modular Fabrication Facilities
State-of-the-Art Fabrication Facilities.

Learn more about the Port of Belledune's Modular Fabrication Facilities.
Strategically Located on Arctic Shipping Gateway.

The most flexible choice for moving project cargo into the Eastern Arctic, Newfoundland and Labrador.
Access to Rail and Trans-Canada Highway.

The Port of Belledune is strategically located to easily access raw materials for your fabrication needs.
Easy Access to International waters.

Learn more about the Port of Belledune's location and easy access to internation shipping routes.
Why the Port of Belledune?

The Port of Belledune is located on Chaleur Bay in northeastern New Brunswick, Canada. It lies on approximately the same line of latitude as Nantes, France, and the same longitudinal line as the UK Virgin Islands.

  • Modern equipment and infrastructure including a new RoRo/Barge terminal and
    new Modular Fabrication Facility
  • Year-round port facilities have among the shortest routes to Europe, the
    Great Lakes and Canada’s Arctic
  • Efficient Stevedoring ensuring the integrity of your cargo
  • No congestion, abundant land, excellent rail and highway

Not only does the port connect to strategic shipping routes, it is also an intermodal gateway with a rail spur and direct congestion-free access to a highway system spanning North America. The Belledune Port Authority is innovative in developing its port services and facilities to the fullest, enabling it to become an anchor of the economy in New Brunswick and eastern Canada.

The Port of Belledune is your transPORTation solution to the world!

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